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Meldon Reservoir - by Steph at Destination Downtime

 Located in Devon, Dartmoor is one of fifteen National Parks in the UK. When asked to recommend where to go hiking in the UK, Dartmoor is always one of my go-to answers, and it's not hard to see why! It’s raw and striking landscape is both unique and full of character making the perfect escape for adventurers looking to enjoy the great outdoors.

 Dartmoor - Heckwood Journals/ Destination Downtime

Once you are immersed in the countryside, Dartmoor totally transports you away from busy city life. There is something so peaceful about being surrounded by perfectly untouched surroundings. 


What a perfect location to spend your next UK weekend break.

Brimming with mythical tales and legends Dartmoor attracts thousands of visitors seeking to
explore the enchanted moorland all year round. Dartmoor is said to be haunted by Pixies, a
headless horseman and home to several large black dogs, Erie huh? 
In the twentieth century, people said a pair of ghostly disembodied hands grabbed the
steering-wheels of cars and forced vehicles off the road. One suspects a few of those
accidents occurred at night, probably not long after the pubs had closed.
Tales of ghostly dogs aren’t unique to Dartmoor. Such stories exist across England. Yet in
Dartmoor, there’s the ‘yeth’ or ‘yell hound’ – a spectral dog that’s the spirit of an
unbaptised child. It roams the moor at night, making wailing noises. This is said to have
been one of the inspirations for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles
which is set mainly on Dartmoor.
Enough horror stories! the walk...
The walk is situated just outside the town of Okehampton, making it incredibly easy to
access. You will need to follow this postcode (EX20 4LU) for Meldon Reservoir car park.
Meldon Reservoir car park - Heckwood Journals / Dartmoor
which is the start and finish for the walk. As you can see from the map this is a circular 10k 
walk, which at points is pretty steep and requires some climbing across rocks... which all
adds to the fun! 
Meldon Reservoir dartmoor - Heckwood Journals
The most elevated part of this walk is when you reach Yes Tor which is the
second highest point on Dartmoor at 619 metres above sea level.
This was a beautiful walk, however it did get incredibly windy so I would suggest checking
the weather before you go to ensure you dress right. I was convinced I didn’t need two
coats but I most definitely did on the way back when the majority of the walk is downhill.
Wellies/walking boots are ideal as areas are very boggy, my whole foot was submerged on
multiple occasions so trainers would have been a nightmare! The walk took just over 3
hours 20 minutes which was a leisurely pace with plenty of photo stops, perfect for a day


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